Build Your business with Clickable Paper

Try our new cell phone app that allows your customers to have your business at their fingertips.

The 'Clicker' app can scan from a paper or from a computer screen

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The Clickable Paper app can be downloaded free of charge from Google Play or the Apple Store. After download, the app works like a QR code. The camera scans a logo or image, and brings up multiple links connected to that image.

First step

Download the 'Clicker'app from Google Play or the Apple Store


Using the Clicker camera, scan our logo from the top of this site


Once the image is recognized, links associated with the image appear on your phone. After download, these links remain on your phone above the bookmark icon.

This is a reasonably priced cell phone app.

  • Initial setup for your app with up to 6 hotspots (up to 8 links to each hotspot) $200
  • Monthly hosting and maintenance cost is $50.
  • Changes to existing links or hotspots $60 per hour.
  • Creation of additional web pages $60 per hour.

Do you have more questions about using Clickable Paper for your business or organization? Call us. Download the app, scan our logo at the top of this site using the 'Clicker' camera, and press the phone icon.


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